Strategies for Utilizing Marketing Assistants in Email Automation for Optimal Marketing Results

For businesses to communicate with their customers and advertise their goods or services, email automation is a potent tool. Your email marketing efforts can be made much more effective and efficient by using marketing assistants to assist with the process. In this blog post, we’ll go over how to use marketing assistants in email automation for the best possible marketing outcomes. We will examine the essential components of an effective email automation approach with the aid of a marketing assistant, covering everything from setting precise goals and rules to deploying the appropriate tools and technologies. These suggestions will enable you to advance your email marketing, regardless of whether you run a little business or work as a marketing manager for a major corporation.

What is email marketing or Email automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using technology and software to automate repetitive marketing tasks. These tools can help automate various areas of marketing, from CRM and email marketing to social media and SMS campaigns. With the right tools and processes in place, businesses can save time, improve lead conversion, and optimize their marketing efforts.

Does email marketing work?

Email marketing is one of the most economically efficient ways to spread the word about your business or make a sale.
In fact, a 2015 study by the DMA discovered that email offers an average $38 return on investment for every $1 invested (ROI). Customers frequently check their favorite retailers’ emails when they are prepared to make a purchase.
However, as email usage increases, it might be difficult to stand out in overflowing inboxes.

Boosting Return on Marketing Investment (ROI)

Return on marketing investment (ROMI) naturally rises when efficiency is increased and firms are given more leverage through data-driven marketing. According to Salesforce research, companies using marketing automation experience a 14.5% gain in sales productivity and a 12.2% decrease in marketing costs. Furthermore, according to their research, it may enhance qualified leads by 451% and sales prospects by 20%!

Lead Qualification

In order to close a business, a personal touch might be essential. In order for representatives to concentrate on the leads that are most likely to convert, a solid automation approach will track leads across all of your channels and score them.

Nurturing and Conversion

Without some sort of nurturing program, leads frequently become cold. After all, human representatives are limited to the number of calls and emails they may send each day. In order to keep prospects moving through the sales funnel and toward conversion, organizations automate these follow-ups. To enhance conversions, automation may also be utilized to segment leads and provide customised experiences.


Depending on the volume and maturity of your automation plan, different amounts of time can be saved. Depending on lead volume, a firm adopting automation alone to add leads to its CRM might save minutes per day or hours per day. In comparison to a business that only uses automation to add leads to the CRM, one that automates hundreds of procedures and emails would save significantly more time.

Tracking and Improving Results

Businesses can receive a high-level perspective of what is happening with their leads with the correct tools and procedures in place, allowing them to identify gaps in their funnels and make fixes. To gradually enhance outcomes, A/B testing may also be utilized in conjunction with automation.

Additionally, this information may be utilized to show the value the marketing team is providing to the firm and to back up the efficacy of marketing efforts.

The 5 Best Marketing Automation Strategies for Visible ROI

1, Set up automatic nurture campaigns as part of strategy #1

Pairing drip campaigns with nurturing efforts is recommended. Again, since user behavior is the foundation of nurturing efforts, two contacts may have diverse experiences based on their actions.

Potential catalysts for nurturing campaigns include the following:

1. by completing a form on your website.
2. completing a transaction.
3. going to a particular page on your website.
4. interacting with the chatbot.
5. downloading information.
6. registering for or attending a virtual event.

Setting Up a Drip Campaign is Strategy #2

Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, drip campaigns and nurture campaigns have different aims and objectives.

Time-based drip marketing are used. Regardless of what they do, you send your contact a specified series of emails over a predetermined length of time. If a contact doesn’t unsubscribe, they don’t leave a drip.

Campaigns for nurturing are behavior-based. Based on actions like link clicks, form fills, page views, webinar signups, and similar things, you send your contact a series of emails. If a contact unsubscribes or performs a particular action, they may exit a nurturing campaign.

Utilize marketing automation for list segmentation in strategy #3.

When the material is specifically crafted for the receiver, your campaigns will perform better. Making use of list segmentation in your email software is one method of doing this.

Engagement: If your email software enables it, you may have individuals added to a certain list automatically when they do a particular action. Depending on their degree of interest, you may deliver different messages to them using lead scoring.
Status: It’s generally a good idea to separate your active clients from past or inactive clients if your business relies on subscriptions. Another option is to segment by purchase volume, subscription level, or a comparable metric.
Persona or Role: B2B businesses should take extra care when segmenting by role. You’ll frequently be “selling” to someone who cannot make the ultimate choice and who requires a different message than the decision-maker. Segmenting your audience based on personas may also be beneficial in general since each member of your audience will have unique requirements, problems, and worries.
Industry: By segmenting your audience according to industry, you may occasionally provide more specialized material rather than articles of broad interest, which can increase audience engagement.
Interest: If you provide more than one product or service, segment customers based on their areas of interest to give them information that is pertinent to their needs.

Place: If their services are identical throughout a large geographic region, many organizations tend to undervalue the significance of segmenting by location. However, segmenting your audience based on where they are helps you to take advantage of any local happenings, such as new laws, rivals joining the market, or other occurrences.

Automate Chat on Your Website (Strategy #4)

According to Customer Think research, seven out of ten consumers prefer to handle the majority of customer care issues on their own, and a similar number say they communicate with a chatbot or intelligent assistant at least once a month. Chatbots are wonderful for decreasing friction in the customer experience and facilitating the flow of customers through your funnel, all while relieving your sales and support personnel of some of the workload.

Re-engage previous leads is our 5th Strategy

Lead generation is expensive, therefore it’s crucial to make sure each one receives the proper amount of follow-up. Using the timer feature of your marketing automation software, you may accomplish this. For instance, you could want to schedule an email to be sent out 30 days after a lead has shown no interest. If a deal remains in a specific stage for a predetermined amount of time, you may also have your CRM trigger a task for a sales representative to get in touch with the lead.

To sum up, email automation is an effective marketing technique that may support companies in connecting with their clients and promoting their goods and services. You may increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your email marketing campaigns by using marketing assistants. With the aid of a marketing assistant, you may get the finest marketing outcomes by establishing clear objectives and rules, making use of the appropriate equipment and software, and adhering to best practices.

Using VA Connect Marketing Professionals for this task has several advantages, one of which is that they are experts in email automation and can assist you in achieving your objectives in a timely and economical manner. They are knowledgeable about the most recent methods and resources, and they can help you develop tailored email campaigns that successfully reach your target demographic. Additionally, VA Connect Marketing Professionals may oversee and evaluate your email campaigns and offer insightful data for upcoming marketing initiatives. You can be confident that your email automation efforts are in capable hands and that you are making the most of your marketing budget by working with a VA Connect Marketing Professional.

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