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Founder Story

Karen’s vast experience in founding successful companies gave her unique insight into what it takes for businesses to grow and entrepreneurs to succeed.

She saw an opportunity to provide quality Virtual Assistant services to South Africans with the right skillset and work ethic, allowing them to start a remote working career.

She not only established these characteristics in the South African workforce, but she did so as an alternative to the global need for these types of services.

Because of her passion for “systems and processes that work” as well as her love for sales and marketing, she was able to create VA Connect. Forming it into a global powerhouse and Africa’s largest managed virtual assistant agency required a lot of discipline and hard work.

In addition, she created VAVarsity, a free Udemy-like platform for Virtual Assistants to Grow their skills in various aspects of becoming the perfect Virtual Assistant. Karen has run numerous business workshops and courses and appearing on stage frequently to offer advice about different Working opportunities from home.

Karen is an example of how a combination of dedication, passion and hard work can help create a successful business. She has revolutionised the Virtual Assistant industry in Africa and continues to be an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. By connecting South Africans with remote work opportunities, Karen has opened up new options for them to reach their potential. Her story proves that with the right attitude and determination anything is possible.

If you’re looking for a business mentor or someone to show you how to succeed in remote working and entrepreneurship, Karen is your go-to person! She’s the proof that dedication will always get you where you want to be. No matter what industry sector you’re interested in, Karen can offer guidance to get you there. So don’t hesitate to contact her and make your dreams come true!

You’re only one step away from making your dream a reality – let Karen show you how. Contact VA Connect and join the revolution of working remotely!

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